What We Treat

Relief & rehabilitation of painful musculo-skeletal conditions:

IMG_20150717_134138132Muscle and tendon strains such as Quads, Hamstring, calf and Achille’s and many sports injuries; ‘shin splints’,  tightness/restriction.

Ligament sprains – common areas: ankle, knee & wrist, shoulder tip.

Arthritic joint stiffness, swelling and pain; spine, knee, hip and hand/thumb joints;

Lower back pain & stiffness; ‘slipped’ disc; leg pains; hip, knee and kneecap pains, sciatica;

Neck pain and headaches; arm, shoulder and shoulder blade pain; mid-back pain;

IMG_20150717_134006427Upper limb conditions: Frozen (or ‘Stuck’) shoulder; tennis elbow; rotator cuff injury and impingement, collar bone pain.

Foot disorders: plantar fasci-itis (heel pain); metatarsalgia      (pain in ball of foot); Tibialis posterior tendon strain, arch pain etc;

Including treatment of osteoarthritic joints; post-fracture pain & stiffness; sports injuries, bio-mechanical problems and gait assymmetry.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation & post-surgical pain, swelling, stiffness and mobility problems – see Orthopaedic rehabilitation page.

Neurological & balance disorders – see Neurophysiotherapy page.