Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


Advice, treatment and rehabilitation offered for patients recovering from both elective Orthopaedic surgery and Trauma.

Following orthopaedic surgery many people find they are unsure what they can do at home, whether they are performing their exercises correctly, whether their recovery is ‘normal’ or ‘on target’ with what is expected for their post-operative stage and other queries. At Clare Physiotherapy we can offer the following services:

  • Mobility equipment check;
  • Clear mobility and range of movement goals established in line with surgical & healing timelines;
  • Swelling management;
  • Gait re-education to minimise limping;
  • Exercise guidance and operation specific progression;
  • Identification of any residual soft tissue pains and treat as appropriate to restore comfortable active ranges of movement as soon as possible. This can increase pain-free range of movement quite quickly, optimising your exercise effort and therefore maximise the benefit gained from your exercises;
  • advice on stages for return to activities and lifestyle as you progress to physical independence.

For some individuals a graduated exercise programme has already been devised and supplied by their hospital physiotherapist and monitoring to ensure best technique and frequency are carried out to gain maximum benefit over 1-3 sessions are all that is required.

Common orthopaedic conditions that can benefit from physiotherapy:

Elective surgery                                                                               

  • Arthroscopy – ankle, knee, shoulder
  • Total joint replacement/arthroplasty – knee, hip, shoulder
  • Unicondylar knee replacement,

Trauma surgery/injury  

  • Post-dislocation – shoulder, kneecap, phalanges (fingers)
  • Stabilisation – ankle, shoulder, lumbar
  • Fractures – wrist, ankle, hip, vertebrae, elbow, clavicle, patella, tibia/fibula
  • Achilles’ tendon repair

and others. Please feel welcome to call and discuss your individual post-operative needs with one of our Orthopaedic physiotherapists.

Appointments or enquiries can be made by email or telephone.                                               Please call 01787 278800