Therapy techniques

Clare physiotherapists have a wide repertoire of treatment techniques that they can offer to relieve pains and restore movement and function and promote both short and long-term relief and physical good health.

Img_0097A most important feature of your care and recovery is identifying which tissues are damaged or movement dysfunction that is compromising full, active, pain-free use of the limb, extremity or spine. In the absence of traumatic cause, we consider your individual postural, bio-mechanical and lifestyle habits that may contribute to the current problem. Once we have achieved clinical diagnosis and possible causes after a thorough examination, realistic goals are discussed with you. The physiotherapist then selects specific treatments and advice to start or progress the recovery process from the first session, using any appropriate techniques from the following:

  • Manual therapy – peripheral & vertebral (spine) joints, muscle releases, scar tissue and soft tissue mobilisations, assisted exercise;
  • Specific exercises – stretches, strengthening isolated muscles or ligaments;
  • Taping – to off-load, facilitate, protect or inhibit various soft tissue structures;
  • Electrophysical modalities – ultrasound, pulsed shortwave, IFT, functional electrical neuromuscular stimulation;
  • Postural and movement pattern advice – spine and limbs
  • Acupuncture;
  • Massage;
  • Occupational and sport specific advice – do’s & don’ts, graduated return methods/duration/timing;
  • Balance training;
  • Gait re-education;
  • Shoewear advice & basic orthotic advice;
  • Work-station and car seat tips.

Both advice and therapies are all absolutely individual to your condition and unique lifestyle or lifestyle aims.