Clare Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is pleased to offer both soothing, relaxing massage therapy and Sports massage, including preparation and post-event or competition.

What to expect

Prior to the first massage beginning, the therapist will ask you some medical questions and also note down any soft tissue and joint areas that you have concerns about. We are frequently asked about depth of pressure and are pleased to assure clients that as well as taking into account physical condition and age, pressure and touch depth can be adapted to individual preference.

We also recognise that some individuals cannot tolerate prolonged periods lying on their front. If this applies to you, your therapist will invite you to comment and offer alternative positioning with supports during or from the start of the massage to ensure your massage experience gives greatest benefit and is fully enjoyed.


Position for maximum comfort (lying,siting).

Deep and light techniques.

Aims – general or specific.

Clinic or home based.


30, 45 and 60 minutes

What conditions can massage also help:

Managing tight scars.

Post-operation swelling.

muscle tension released.

Soft, weak muscles stimulated.

Balancing of muscle tone around painful joints.

Post-exercise muscle soreness.