Home Visits

Our experienced domiciliary physiotherapist, Halcyon Mandelstam (see profile page), provides physiotherapy to patients in their own home for residents living in Clare and surrounding villages. Available Wednesday and Friday.

Experienced in physiotherapy and rehabilitation in community hospitals, care homes and in patients’ own homes, for those who wish to maintain their independence or maximise their physical fitness.

Assessment & treatment of:

  • Orthopaedic joint & muscle problems
  • Neurological conditions (see neuro-physiotherapy page);
  • Balance & mobility problems;
  • Fitness testing for over 60 yrs age – for aiming to maintain independence in older age.

What to expect:

A full clinical or functional assessment of your problem/s  is carried out and a treatment plan is agreed with you at the first visit. Taking into account your personal physical goals, you begin the first stage of your treatment plan at the completion of the assessment during this initial appointment.

Home assessments and treatment plans are modified to take into account level of disability or pain that you are experiencing but are even more specific to you as the Physiotherapist observes your unique home mobility difficulties with special regard to furniture, steps, stairs etc.

The first visit typically can last at least one hour. Depending on your condition and needs, the frequency of visits varies and later transfer to treatment at the Physiotherapy Clinic, for those whose mobility progresses toward greater independence, may become more appropriate.

Home visit physiotherapy service includes:

  • standardised, objective measurements to track progress & recovery;
  • individualised instructions to promote understanding, independence in exercise approach, correct movement patterns during activity;
  • supervision of maintenance activities/exercises in some circumstances.

Also offered:

  • liaison with care agencies or other support services
  • clinical reports to medical practitioners.

The physiotherapist’s work spent on letters, phone calls and other correspondence may incur an extra fee if significant time is required to carry out these actions but this will always be discussed with you before additional work is undertaken.

Appointments: made directly with the clinic. The physiotherapist will also telephone you before the first visit to clarify details of access and identify any assessment equipment needed at the appointment. For an initial assessment please call: 01787 278800