A specialist physiotherapy service for the treatment and management of:

  • effects of stroke;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • neuropathies;
  • spinal injury and any injury or disease process of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system.

Disorders and functional movement disabilities commonly experienced by patients suffering any of the above conditions that we treat include:

  • Balance & mobility problems; falls;
  • Walking distance limitation;
  • Limb contractures and circulatory problems;
  • Inner ear balance disorders (eg. BPPV)
  • Increasing functional dependence.

At your initial assessment, either in our clinic or held in your own home, the physiotherapist will spend at least one hour with you conducting a full examination of your current condition, your medical history, social circumstances and physical examination appropriate to your general health and problem to be investigated. This assessment will also include discussing your questions about your physical health and your aims. Should you wish a family member to be present or included in initial assessment, their concerns can also be addressed.

A treatment and rehabilitation plan is devised with you at the first visit which aims to progress you towards your goals. Frequency of visits is agreed which will vary on individual condition and progress made. Progress and recovery can be tracked with the help of standardised objective measures of changes in functional ability or physical impairment. Individual instructions can be provided to help promote:

  • understanding of movement or exercise technique;
  • independence of remedial exercises;
  • correct pattern/sequence of movement during activity.

Other services provided by our Neuro-physiotherapist:

  1. Liaison with other agencies or support services, as required;
  2. Supervision of maintenance exercises or activity, in some circumstances;
  3. Obtaining appropriate equipment, if required.

In some individual situations where, as well as face-to-face contact with your physiotherapist, clinical reports or a high number of correspondence or phone calls with other healthcare workers are required to optimise progress, this may incur an additional fee. This will always be discussed with you before any additional actions are undertaken.

Appointments: by telephone directly through the clinic on 01787 278800. The Neuro-physiotherapist is available on Mondays & Thursdays.

Home Visits: The physiotherapist will call you prior to the appointment to clarify details of access and identify any assessment equipment that may be needed at the first appointment.