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June 2020
Due to better understanding of how we can shield and protect ourselves from risk of Covid-19 infection, limited physiotherapy services can re-commence. To do so, there must be strict infection barrier and cleaning measures, patients report that they are unable to improve their musculo-skeletal symptoms with self-management and screening indicates that they are highly unlikely to carry Coronavirus to the clinic. Please be assured that PPE will be worn by clinical staff and appointments will have longer time intervals to give adequate time for you to arrive and leave without crossing paths with another member of the public. We do ask that patients do attend by themselves unless there are exceptional circumstances OR if the patient is a minor, up to age 16, whereby a household parent chaperone is appropriate.
Current patients/New problem – please call either telephone number supplied. If the session is carried out remotely, your file will be updated so that treatment should continue seamlessly at your next face-to-face contact.
New enquirers Рreceive basic advice for your condition over the telephone, if screening indicates it not possible to safely carry out a face-to-face consultation. Full remote consultation, which can be more effective at improving your condition faster, will be charged but at a slightly reduced rate.
Your details will be formally recorded as if you were attending the clinic. On re-opening, if you still require treatment, your file will provide the starting point for continuing therapy to progress your condition further.
Remote care example:
If you have a calf strain or tear, do you know that wearing high heels (non-stiletto type!) will instantly reduce the pain and limping, protect the muscle or Achilles tendon, allowing it to heal quicker? 
Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. – 3.00pm
Saturday morning till 12.30pm.
For more details, please call us on 01787 278800 and leave a message; 0r mobile 07528 424019 with your contact details. Due to poor signal risk, please use the text service if you wish your message to be seen urgently.